Set defaults for FSL's Aircraft Weather Display

To set default values, follow these steps:
  1. Fill in the form below as you want it.
  2. click on the "Set Defaults" button.
  3. a new ACARS web page will come up with the title and defaults set as you want them. Make a bookmark to this new ACARS page (not to the one you're looking at now).
  4. (Note) You can have as many different default bookmarks/favorites as you like.
  5. Each time you call up that bookmark, your favorite initial values should be in place.

Title for this ACARS display page:
Initial display parameters: Min and Max altitude (ft):
Map center: lat lon scale
(To find these parameters do the following: on the ACARS java display zoom to the region you want, then hold down the shift key and click anywhere on the map. A window will appear showing the parameters you need to enter.)
color code by altitude, or by speed
show wind barbs

Initial load parameters: Number of hours
NOTE: unless you have a relatively slow connection to the internet, it will probably be faster to load all the data than to sub-section it. (Sub-sectioning runs slowly on our server.) You can test timing by using the display's load window to try different lat/lon limits.
Min and Max latitude:
Min and Max longitude:
Data type: All, g, edr, Vapor, vg

Prepared by Bill Moninger,, 303-497-6435
Last modified: Fri Jan 16 10:30:05 MST 2004