AMDAR Data Display from ESRL/GSL

Latest version: 9-Nov-2017. ADS-C data are now available.
Please notify of any problems.

On this demonstration page, data newer than 48 hours are not shown.

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You need a Java-aware browser to run this.

If you are unable to run this applet in your browser (most browsers no longer support applets), you have two options:
  • you can download and run a local java version of the AMDAR display from GSL.AMDAR.DEMO.jnlp. You need to have java on your computer to run this, and you may need admin privileges on your computer as well. On a mac, you will get a warning that this is from "an unidentified developer". OR
  • You can install the CheerpJ Applet Runner extension for the Chrome Browser, and then reload this page. Once you do this, you can click on the CheerpJ icon in the upper right, and select 'Run Applets'. That will enable you to run java applets without the use of any java in Chrome. The AMDAR display will take 1-3 MINUTES to start initially; after the first time it will start up faster. You'll have to say 'yes' to a warning dialog that will initially come up saying the extension could "read and change data on" (meaning locally, in your browser) in order to display the data.

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Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL)
Global Systems Laboratory (GSL)
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