FSL's Aircraft Weather Display (Experimental)

For this demonstration version, the only data available is from Jan 20-25, 2001

Per FSL's agreements with participating airlines, this data may not be redstributed to third parties. (Use of images in research publications is allowed and encouraged, however.)

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Try the java version

(Plots generally take 10-20 seconds)

Min and Max Pressure Altitude (feet):
Start time -- year: , month:, day:, hour:
Number of hours to process:

Display a plot showing observation points color coded by altitude,
OR, Display a plot showing observation points color coded by temperature,
OR, Display a plot showing winds. Scale for winds:
OR, Display text data in a degree lat/lon box around the center.

Aircraft selection: ( All), ( Vapor), ( g), OR (eddy dis. rate)

Initial map parameters:
the World (Cylindrical projection)
OR, North America, with Zoom: , Center Lat: Lon:
and with Satellite IR image background

(Plots generally take 10-20 seconds)

Prepared by Bill Moninger, Bill.Moninger@noaa.gov, 303-497-6435
Last modified: Tue Nov 17 17:24:22 GMT 2009